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Membership Request Template Empty Membership Request Template

Post by Seven on Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:59 am

If you wish to join TGR use the following template in a new topic:

NOTE: We do not allow our members to be in more than one team.

Title of the topic: ''Membership Request - (Your Username)
[b]LFS Display Name:[/b]

[b]LFS Username:[/b]

[b]Proposed TGR Name (Follow after the tag):[/b] TGR™|

[b]Why do you think you'd suit TGR™?:[/b]

Title: Membership Request - TheSAgibbs
LFS Display Name: Seven

LFS Username: TheSAgibbs

Proposed TGR Name (Follow after the tag): TGR™| Seven

Best of luck,

Membership Request Template LFS_SIGS
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