[ACCEPTED] Membership Request - Liam Mulhall

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[ACCEPTED] Membership Request - Liam Mulhall Empty [ACCEPTED] Membership Request - Liam Mulhall

Post by ...-Liam-... on Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:38 am

LFS Display Name: ...-Liam-...

LFS Username: Liam Mulhall

Proposed TGR Name (Follow after the tag): TGR™|...-Liam-...

Why do you think you'd suit TGR™?:
I think that I'll suit TGR nicely because I am an all around nice guy, and love to play lfs. I'm on everyday for atleast an hour. I know how to make skins so I can also help out with making skins (if needed), as well as making a render of the teams cars and making TGR look very professional.

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[ACCEPTED] Membership Request - Liam Mulhall Empty Re: [ACCEPTED] Membership Request - Liam Mulhall

Post by Seven on Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:42 am

Thanks for applying.

I feel your proposed skills could come in very useful in future. Could you please post some examples of your work? Also, it helps that I know you, so you can consider your spot in TGR, secure Smile

Congratulations, you have been accepted to be a Recruit. In LFS you can set your name with the TGR tag and a green name. You will see your proposed name appear in the member list shortly. You will also be ranked on the forum so you are clearly recognised. Rembmer if you are ever using COP/MED/TOW/RES tags, shorten ''TGR™️|'' to ''TG™️|'' to meet LFS limitations.

[ACCEPTED] Membership Request - Liam Mulhall LFS_SIGS
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